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Date:      Thu, 05 Jul 2007 21:56:11 +0800
From:      Zhang Weiwu <>
Subject:   Re: /boot/device.hints only work for some devices in FreeBSD 6.2?
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在 2007-07-05四的 09:19 -0400,Lowell Gilbert写道:
> Zhang Weiwu <> writes:
> > Where can I get knowledge of how device.hints works? e.g. maybe it can
> > only work with device that is not managed by a PNP BIOS or maybe it only
> > manage ISA devices but not PCI devices?
> It sounds like you haven't read "man device.hints".
> That is a good place to start.

Thanks for pointing out which TFM to read, I am feeling much more
welcomed than if someone just drop me a message to RTFM.

Are you referring to this section of device.hints(5)?

     They are most often used by ISA device drivers to specify where the
     driver will probe for the relevant devices, and what resources it will
     attempt to use.

My uhci0 on pci is using IRQ 11, so does my ep0 which is on 16-bit
PCMCIA slot. At first I thought this is impossible because I learnt ISA
interrupt share is difficult or impossible; but later I think, maybe my
ep0 is an "ISA" device (PC Card Type II slot is shrinked version of ISA
slot) but the PC Card bridget is on PCI, thus it can share interrupts.
The fact "cbb0" sits on PCI (in dmesg) also looks like a prove of this.
Not sure if my understanding is correct.

cbb0: <TI1250 PCI-CardBus Bridge> mem 0x20822000-0x20822fff at device 2.0 on pci0
pccard0: <16-bit PCCard bus> on cbb0

Thanks again for comment:)

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