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Date:      Sun, 24 Nov 1996 21:14:13 -0500
From:      Jeff Clough <>
Subject:   FreeBSD & Win95 (Yes, Win95)
Message-ID:  <>

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To Whom It May Concern:

I apologize for sending this out to the FreeBSD gurus, but I just know that
if I came knocking on Microsoft's door with this I would be laughed at for
ten generations and incur the wrath of the almighty Bill Gates for tampering
with the constrictive nature of Win95, and entertaining the foolish thought
that UNIX could be better than his unscalable, pseudo-protected-memory,
poor-excuse-for-multi-tasking operating system.  So, I thank you for bearing
with me.  =)

My machine's guts consist of a Cyrix 686 166MHz CPU, 32 MB RAM, two hard
drives (one 1.2 GB Mode 4 as the master and one 1.6 GB Mode 4 as the slave,
both IDE) and an 8X CD ROM drive.  This machine is running Win95.

I decided to take the plunge and install FreeBSD, so I copied my C drive
(the 1.2) to a subdirectory of my D drive (the 1.6) and used the FDISK that
came with Win95 to delete the old partition and create two new partitions,
each 600 MB long.

After some futzing, I was able to copy my backed up data from the D drive to
the new C drive, and was able to get Win95 to come up without going too haywire.

I then installed FreeBSD, with BootMGR so that I could have a dual boot
between Win95 and FreeBSD.  FreeBSD installed smoothly.  I rebooted my
machine and was pleased to see BootMGR greet me with "F1 dos, F2 FreeBSD, F3
disk2".  FreeBSD came up great.

However, Win95 does not like the FreeBSD partition.  Utilities which seek
out available disk drives (such as Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Navigator)
hit the BSD partition and choke, aparrently throwing the system into an
infinite loop trying to access the disk.  I trimmed back these programs so
that they no longer loaded on startup and am able to get Win95 to come up
with a small one or two second extra delay.

Win95 sets the BSD partition up as drive E:.  Whenever the system tries to
access this drive (when opening "My Computer", etc) I am once again greeted
by the infinite loop.  However, if I just stay in DOS, without loading Win95
I have only three non-removable drives listed: C: for my 600 MB DOS drive;
D: for my 1.6 GB DOS drive; and E: for my CD-ROM drive.  Only under Win95 is
there a problem, everything else seems to work great.

My question is (and thank you for bearing with me) is there any way I can
prevent Win95 from stalling on this partition.  Any of the below (plus
anything else you can think of) are viable solutions:

     Somehow hiding the FreeBSD file system from Win95
     Installing a driver to allow Win95 to read the FreeBSD file system
     Changing some setting to allow Win95 to ignore the FreeBSD file system

Please, help me.  I am already going to be in therapy for years over this,
the last thing I need now is rejection.  Thank you.  Thank you a lot.


Jeff Clough

   |       If God is love, and love is blind, is Ray Charles God?         |

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