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Date:      Tue, 14 Mar 95 01:21:35 
Subject:   trouble
Message-ID:  <>

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  Machine info:

  Cyrix VESA LocalBus 486dx2-66 w/8 megs
  Maxtor 7171A 170 Meg IDE HD
  VESA LocalBus FD/HD/PAR/SER Controller
  BOCA SVGA Adapter
  Adaptec 1520 SCSI controller
  Sony CDU-561 SCSI CD-ROM

  Map Information:

  a -  25 Megs - "/"
  b -  32 Megs - "swap"
  e - 108 Megs - "/usr"

  FreeBSD v2.0 CD-ROM from Walnut Creek will load from the 2 "install" disks
and get to the point where the various portions of the distribution can be
copied from the CD-ROM to the hard drive.  After installing the required
binaries, I then try installing the X Windows support, but the system stops at
the screen "loading X Win", which occurs AFTER the checksums have been

  I would really like to get this to work.  Do you have any ideas?

  Thank you,

  Justin Kuntz

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