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Date:      Mon, 20 May 2013 02:29:36 +0000
From:      "Teske, Devin" <>
To:        Joe <>
Cc:        "<>" <>
Subject:   Re: ngctl list ?
Message-ID:  <13CA24D6AB415D428143D44749F57D7201F51DFF@ltcfiswmsgmb26>
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On May 19, 2013, at 1:47 PM, Joe wrote:

When I issue "ngctl list" command on the host it only shows the socket for =

I thought it would also show the real NIC interface device names.

Am I wrong in thinking that?

No, you're not wrong, however one wrinkle is that ng_ether(4) has to be com=
piled-in to get the netgraph subsystem to attach to your real NIC interface=

On the system where you're executing "ngctl list" (same thing as "ngctl ls"=
), can you execute:

config -x `sysctl -n kern.bootfile` | grep NETGRAPH_ETHER

and get back something like the following (which I get back from my system):

options NETGRAPH_ETHER # ng_ether(4)

(and on that system, I get the following for "ngctl ls")<> ~ # ngctl ls
There are 16 total nodes:
  Name: em0             Type: ether           ID: 00000003   Num hooks: 0
  Name: em1             Type: ether           ID: 00000004   Num hooks: 0
  Name: em2             Type: ether           ID: 00000005   Num hooks: 0
  Name: ng0_beefcake    Type: eiface          ID: 00000018   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ng0_stats       Type: eiface          ID: 0000000f   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ngctl21992      Type: socket          ID: 0000005f   Num hooks: 0
  Name: ng0_cfg0_vlbxri Type: eiface          ID: 00000024   Num hooks: 1
  Name: igb0bridge      Type: bridge          ID: 00000008   Num hooks: 4
  Name: ng0_ipu0a_vlbxr Type: eiface          ID: 00000037   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ng0_ipm0_vlbxri Type: eiface          ID: 0000002d   Num hooks: 1
  Name: igb1bridge      Type: bridge          ID: 0000001d   Num hooks: 8
  Name: ng0_oos0a_vlbxr Type: eiface          ID: 00000042   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ng0_opm0_vlbxri Type: eiface          ID: 0000004e   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ng0_wss0a_vlbxr Type: eiface          ID: 0000005b   Num hooks: 1
  Name: igb0            Type: ether           ID: 00000001   Num hooks: 2
  Name: igb1            Type: ether           ID: 00000002   Num hooks: 2

NOTE: Alternatively=85 if you don't get a response back from config(8) simi=
lar to the above,=85 does "kldstat" show an "ng_ether" entry? I think last =
time I tried to load ng_ether(4) as a module (versus compiled-in), it didn'=
t list any of my ether devices ("Type: ether" in above "ngctl ls" output).

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