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Date:      Wed, 16 Oct 2002 14:23:40 -0400
From:      Chip Marshall <>
Subject:   Re: Port Replicator
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On October 16, 2002, Pookie sent me the following:
> As far as my research goes a USB modem or PCMCIA modem seems best. I
> was looking at /etc/defaults/pccard.conf and it had a decent list of
> USB modems(I amuse they all work within FreeBSD). I could do this. Or
> get a PCMCIA modem(pccard if im not mistaken).

I've been using some Zoom USB Voice modems here with NetBSD for a
while, and they've been working great. They're based on the Lucent
Venus CRM chip, I think. Basically, for USB modems, avoid anything
that doesn't say it has a controller. They seem to get marketted as
"gamer" modems, since they put less strain on the host CPU. (Because
they arn't winmodems.)

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> From: Bruce M Simpson []=20
> Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 4:04 AM
> To: Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
> Cc: Pookie;;
> Subject: Re: Port Replicator
> If you have a free PCMCIA slot, though, there is always the
> alternative of a sio card, which are available very inexpensively
> these days. I would recommend this over the use of a USB-RS232
> adapter, because the ASICs used by these products vary widely and may
> not have driver support.

Mind pointing me in the direction of these inexpensive PCMCIA serial
cards? The ones I keep finding are over $100 USD.

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