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Date:      Tue, 10 Oct 95 13:39:16 +0100
From: (Martin Cracauer)
To:        itemple@elysium.CLare.tased.EDU.AU
Subject:   Re: Hard disk copying
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <>

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itemple@elysium.CLare.tased.EDU.AU (Iain Templeton) writes:

>Is it possible to make an exact duplicate of a hard disk. I saw something
>here the other day which looked similar to what I'm after, although I
>didn't know it at the time.

>What I basically want is to be able to copy one disk, to another
>(obviously), where the disks are on the same SCSI2 controller, and should
>be the same model drive (exact model not known at this time).

>This is for backing up to another working drive so that one can be
>replaced if the other one fails (or something like that). The ability to
>go back the other way is not necessary.

I ususally use

newfs /dev/target_partition
#mount it
cd /mount_of_new_filefilesystem
dump 0sf 400000 - /usr_or_whatever | restore rf -

Of course, this is on per-partition, not per-disk base, but has the
advantage that it works for different-sized partitions. 


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