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Date:      Wed, 28 Apr 2004 21:54:19 +0100
From:      Matthew Seaman <>
To:        Thoai Nguyen <>
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On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 03:58:43PM -0400, Thoai Nguyen wrote:
> To: BSD Representative,
> =20
> I work for MITRE and we support the IPv6 Department of Defense (DoD)  Way
> Ahead for Transition. Our sponsors have asked us to identify all the IPv6
> products and services (ASAP) that cover the following categories:
> =20
> 1)Routers/Switches
> 2)Host [Linux, Windows, Sun, Others]
> 3)Protocol Stack
> 4)Network Appliances
> 5)Network Management
> 6)Security/Firewalls
> 7)Wireless/Mobile
> 8)QoS
> 9)Internet Services
> 10)Special Devices [embedded system, special server, translator, Video,
> Camera, others]
> 11)Applications
> 12)Transition
> 13)Others=20
> =20
> This IPv6 products/services database will be used by the Office of the
> Secretary of Defense (OSD) as the source of information/selection for IPv6
> products future acquisition.  It is crucial  that you respond to this one
> question ASAP:

If you want an official response from the FreeBSD project, I don't
think this is quite the right forum to ask in.  freebsd-questions@ is
a group where FreeBSD users can provide technical support to each
other.  Normally I'd advise you to contact the Public Relations &
Corporate Liason officer, but that position is currently unoccupied:

As a user of FreeBSD, but with no official standing with I
can tell you something about the IPv6 capabilities of the OS.

> 1) What are the IPv6 products/services (group by the above categories) th=
> your company provides?=20

FreeBSD is a Unix Operating System derived from the 4.4-BSD release of
the CSRG at U.C. Berkeley.  It is a highly capable, stable, fast
general purpose system particularly suited to demanding high-traffic
server roles.  FreeBSD has been aimed primarily at the IA32 (i386)
arcitecture, but the latest releases support Alpha, AMD64, IA64 and
UltraSPARC as Tier-1 platforms, with PowerPC support in development.

FreeBSD is produced by the FreeBSD project.  This is not a commercial
corporation, but rather a group of like-minded developers from all
over the world who have gathered together to write an operating system
and make it freely available to the public.

IPv6 support is completely integrated into the system and available in
the default configuration.  IPv6 support is based on the Kame IPv6
stack -- see  FreeBSD has an integrated IPv6
packetfiltering firewall:
although this is not as fully featured as the equivalent for IPv4. =20

Being a Free OS, FreeBSD forms the basis for a number of commercial
network appliance type products, as well as being in widespread use by
a large number of ISP's, web hosting companies and many others. =20
> You surely can point out the uniqueness/strength of your products?.  Show=
> where can I go to get more detailed information about your
> products/services? {I.e., Web site [URL], papers, articles, technical
> specifications, cost information, etc.).

Almost everything you could possibly want to know about FreeBSD can be
found at the FreeBSD website: =20

There are no cost implications: FreeBSD is free of charge to download
=66rom the net, free to use without restrictive licensing.  If you wish,
you can buy sets of FreeBSD CDRoms for about US$40 from various places
-- contact details are on the FreeBSD site -- a proportion of which
goes towards supporting the project.



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