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Date:      Sat, 09 May 2020 11:11:05 +0200
From:      satanist <>
Subject:   Re: Microsoft Teams for Linux
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[2020-05-08 18:53] Jerry <>
> On Fri, 8 May 2020 22:46:55 +0200, Tomasz CEDRO commented:
> >pt., 8 maj 2020, 17:35 u=C5=BCytkownik Jerry <> napis=
> >Maybe if software vendors cared more about open standards, testing and
> >support for Open-Source platforms, instead "works for me buy my stuff"
> >or "time to market test on users or forget" shortcuts, we would not
> >have such problems like the videoconferencing just showed up two days
> >ago.
> >
> >I guess there may be a positive outcome if there is a strong demand and
> >push from Open-Source community. We can make things work with a bit of
> >support and good will from vendor. We all know how it works but I send
> >good wishes so it happens :-)
> >
> >Best regards :-)
> >Tomek
> Both "Zoom" and "MS Teams" are working fine in my Win10 machine. I have
> never tried to get them to work on FreeBSD, and I have no idea why I
> would want to.

Maybe you have heard of it, but some people use FreeBSD as there only
desktop OS. So you no support for FreeBSD means totally no support.

> You claim you want better support, yet you obviously have little or no
> desire to pay for it. Screaming at a vendor, "We want more free stuff."
> is probably not going to endear you to anyone. Someone has to pay the
> bills.

Let me adjust your point of view a bit. My course are replaced by Zoom
and MS Teams, because of corona. Not all of them get recorded. So if I
want to take these course I have to use these services. So my University
pays for the Service and I can't[0] use. Your claim "We want more free
stuff." sounds like an insult[1] to me.

I couldn't find the page to order a specialized client and I don't get
why I need one. For conferencing you can perfectly use SIP/VoIP, for
streaming there is HLS and some other protocols. So why do I need a js
blob which only works on chrome or a binary build only for Windows and
Linux to use MS Teams or Zoom? I just want to have the freedom to
choose my software. So if someone offer an service, the bare
minimum[2] should be to support standard browser.

The hole ``cloud'' business model drives me crazy. You don't create a
protocol, write a client and a server anymore. You write a server with
a private API, an app and maybe a website. Then sell this as service or
make it free with adds for personal use. With this model I'm totally
locket in to the vendor. I have no way to replace any part of the system
without going to a completely different service. Using a different
service is in some cases not even possible.


[0] and don't like to, but this is an other discussion
[1] I know it wasn't meant to be, at least not in this way it sounds to me
[2] Why do I even have to discuss this?

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