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Date:      Tue, 9 Mar 2004 14:08:04 -0500
From:      Garance A Drosihn <>
To:        Jason Halbert <>,
Subject:   Re: Moving SSH port off of port 22
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At 9:01 AM -1000 3/9/04, Jason Halbert wrote:
>Hello All:
>I need some help moving SSH off of port 22, preferably onto
>port 23 and disabling telnet.  Can I do this just by changing
>something in /etc/services or by means of a firewall?

You change the configuration for sshd in /etc/ssh/sshd_config,
un-commenting and changing the line that says '#Port 22'.  You
will probably find that you also want to change ~/.ssh/config
files (on other hosts) to add an entry for the host where you
are running sshd on port 23.

You should not change /etc/services for this.

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