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Date:      Mon, 01 May 1995 21:56:40 -0700
From:      rsoles@SIRIUS.COM (Roger L Soles)
Subject:   Re: Freebsd & NEC cdrom 
Message-ID:  <9505020549.AA10594@SIRIUS.COM>

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I have virutally the same configuration running release 2.0 (or
at least it was running release).

The only difference is an AMD 486DX2-80 instead of the DX4.  One
thing I have found with the NEC CDR84J is that you should not
depend on it's termination... use an external termination pack,
or put your hard disk at the end of the chain.  This is
especially important if you have the AHA-2842 (non-A rev).

- Roger

>>I recently obtained Freebsd 2.0 and am having some difficulty. Hopefully some 
>>light can be 
>What version of FreeBSD?  2.0R?  The driver for your SCSi adaptor has changed
>much since that release.  I would suggest either downloading the upcomming
>2.0.5 Release (availible later this week if all goes well), or getting the
>next CDROM release from Walnut Creek CDROM.
>>I have a 486DX4/100 w/24mb ram , 2 scsi hard drives a Wangtek 5525 tape and an
>> NEC 
>>intersect cdr84 cd rom. The scsi controller is an Adaptec 2842. My problem is 
>>the cd rom will 
>>lock up the scsi bus during access. This is an intermittent ( sort of) problem
>>. I have yet to be able 
>>to complete the entire install ( including XFree86-3.1). When the bus locks on
>>ly a hard reset 
>>will fix the problem. The cd works fine on  my Windows NT partition. Ihave tri
>>ed it with the 
>>wangtek both in and out of the configuration, no luck. 
>>The scsi id's are 	0. DEC scsi drive 535mb
>>		1. Quantum 1gb
>>		2. none
>>		3. none
>>		4. none
>>		5. Wangtek (when installed)
>>		6. NEC Cdrom
>>I used all default parameters during the install.
>>Thank you in advance for the support.
>>			bart
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