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Date:      Thu, 01 Jan 2004 02:00:04 -0500
From:      Dany <>
To:        Harald Schmalzbauer <>
Subject:   Re: Mounting CDROM as user under 5.x
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In-Reply-To: <200312311642.47172@harrymail>
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The "operator" trick worked. Thanks again and happy new year. Since I've 
started the FreeBSD experience, I've collected about 20 pages of tips 
and tricks to get stuff running. I will probably publish something so 
others can enjoy it.


Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:

>On Wednesday 31 December 2003 16:37, Dany wrote:
>>Thanks Harry for taking the time to answer my questions. I think based
>>on your comments it should work.
>>Is there any security concern having a user belonging to the group
>>operator ?
>I never really cared about. AnonFTP is owned by operator, but in general I 
>think wheel is worse than operator.
>Please correct me anybody, I don't really care on my workstation ;)
>Best is to have a look through the (default) filesystem and see if operator 
>has any write permissions where it was no good. I'm quiet sure wheel has much 
>too much read permissions for "normal" users. But that doesn't matter for 
>useres who can su ;)
>Happy new year,
>>Thanks again
>>Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
>>>On Wednesday 31 December 2003 16:07, Dany wrote:
>>>>Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
>>>>This is pretty much what I've tried. My user is in the Wheel group.
>>>>Would this exact configuration work ?    Should I set any other
>>>>permission in order to have the user from the wheel group to mount
>>>>Thanks for posting your configuration.
>>>>PS: One thing I've noticed with this specific user, whenever he creates
>>>>something the file/directory will show owner:username   group:username.
>>>>I've used the command "groups" as well as chpass I think and they gave
>>>>me only one group for this username... wheel.  Why doesn't wheel appear
>>>>as the group owner for stuff that username is creating ?
>>>When you add a user with "adduser" by default FreeBSD creates a group
>>>similar named like the username. If you later say that this user should
>>>be in group wheel it's additional.
>>>>>>>>>added the following to /dev/devfs.conf
>>>>>>>>>link acd0 cdrom
>>>>>>>>>perm acd0 0660
>>>This line just gives write access to group. You can either add the line:
>>>own    acd0 root:wheel
>>>or you edit /etc/groups and add your user to the group operator.
>>>I'd prefere the latter.
>>>Here's my simple /etc/group example:
>>># $FreeBSD: src/etc/group,v 1.28 2003/04/27 05:49:53 imp Exp $

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