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Date:      Tue, 7 Feb 1995 12:58:04 +0000 (GMT)
From:      Alan Byrne <>
Subject:   Network error crashes FreeBSD 2.0 (snap950128)
Message-ID:  <>

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After 1 full week with no problems, no hangs & no crashes, my FreeBSD 
2.0R (snap950128) server has crashed a few times to-day. I have narrowed 
it down to a DOS/Windows client running a winsock telnet session (ewan ? )

When the user telnets into the server and then does an 'ls -las' of his 
home dir (which has lots of symbolic links in it) the server promptly 
crashes with the following error message on the console.

 de0: tulip_txsegment: extremely fragmented packet encountered (30 segments)

Most of the DOS/Windoze users use ReflectionX with no problems, I have 
persuaded this user to do the same. Just wondering if anyone has seen 
similar problems.

I intend updating to the latest snap-release asap, but I hear there may 
be another snapshot later on in the week.

My server config is as follows

	Pentium P90 (Intel Premiere PCI II)
	BusLogic BT-946 PCI SCSI
	Seagate Barracuda 4GByte disk
	SMC EtherPower PCI network adaptor.
	32MByte Memory.

Could anyone tell me if the above error report is caused by
	a) The winsock telnet client
	b) FreeBSD PCI Network card Driver
	c) The SMC PCI network card

I suspect the problem lies in the driver code (if_de.c) myself, but don't 
qoute me on that.

Should freebsd handle this type of error more gracefully ??

Thanks as always for your help.

Alan Byrne

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