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Date:      Mon, 04 Nov 1996 09:45:19 -0700
From:      "Mark O'Lear" <Mark.Olear@Colorado.EDU>
To:        SKYNET1 <>
Cc:        Questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: X Windows
Message-ID:  <327E1D9F.1D06@Colorado.EDU>
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SKYNET1 wrote:
> When I run X windows via the startx command,
> it brings me up to X windows but I only have that
> interface with 3 can I run X windows
> on one TTY and have the other ones still available?
> (i.e. be working in X windows, press ALT-1 go to
> a text shell, press ALT-F12 and go back to X win,
> ..)

While you are in X, use CTRL-ALT-F?, out of X it is
just ALT-F?.  Be careful because sometimes the
CTRL and ALT keys "stick", so you have to hit the
keys to "unstick" them.

> Can I do that?
> If not, how can I run more programs within X windows.
> Having only 3 shells is boring compared to my normal
> does of all 11.

Try running xterm from one of your "shells".

> A response would be appreciated...Thank you!

Why do you always put this in your e-mails?  Isn't it
obvious?  A lot of times I ignore your questions, because
this annoys me so!  I am sure I am not alone here - I would
say your chance of getting a responce is less with this
here than without it.
> >

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