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Date:      Tue, 2 May 1995 16:54:04 +0900
From: (HOSOKAWA Tatsumi)
Subject:   Re: Problems with zp0 driver in 041295 SNAP?
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>> After this corruption I can not get into the 3Com's configuration program
>> (for DOS) for this card (3C589CFG.EXE) because the program aborts with the
>> message "Corrupted CIS. Please replace card with a good one and try again."
>> Thanks God I found in 3Com's BBS a program to clean the CIS because if not I
>> would not even be able to use Ethernet under DOS (that I am doing pretty fine.)

I heard about another trouble (on DOS and IBM PCMCIA driver) that
corrupted CIS tupples of 3C589.

>> Something very weird is going on here. I do not know if it is the
>> combination of my NEC Versa with the zp0 driver or what. I would like to know.
>> If somebody is interested, I can mail to the list(s) the debug information
>> the zp0 driver is sending to the screen.


Current if_zp and if_ze only works on i82365 and its compatibles
(VLSI, Cirrus Logic, etc.).  It won't works on D-link's PCIC.

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