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Date:      Thu, 10 Jul 2003 12:06:13 +0900
From:      Joel Rees <>
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Subject:   Re: (repeated questions)
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> FreeBSD Question Answerer-
> 	First of all thank you for your help and time.  I have a question about
> running a Samba server where the server is a FreeBSD machine and the client
> is a Macintosh ibook running max os X.

If the only client is a Mac, I'd suggest looking into NFS or netatalk. 
(Why mess with M$ pseudo-standards if there is no M$ on the network?) Mac
OS X does samba, so, if you also have MSWindows boxes on the network
with which you want to share, Samba would work.

As has been pointed out, Samba support in Mac OS X prior to 10.2 was not
the best, so you may find you want to upgrade your Mac OS if you go that
path. (I was able to get Samba client on Mac OS x 10.0 to work with
MSWindows boxes, but I never tried it with *NIX Samba.)

> The client would have a wireless PC
> card connection that runs through the same bridge as the server. 

Not sure what you're saying there. If the FreeBSD machine is on one side
of a bridge and the Mac is on the other, there will probably be some
minor additional setup, beyond what you do when both machines are on the
same side of the bridge. I think. I've never done this, though, only
read about it, so you'll need someone else's help if it goes south on

>  Can the
> client and the server share files and devices with this setup? 

The client can access files on the server, if you set it up right. The
server can not access files on the client, unless the client is also
serving (and properly set up). I don't think you can share raw devices,
but I've never tried, so I may well be wrong.

> I was also
> wondering about how Samba was configured, is it through the /etc/exports
> file or is it done differently?

If you can browse http, Google is one of your friends --

> Also is Samba in the ports packages tree?

Was the last time I looked. (Or was that the openBSD tree or the ... ;-/)

> Also does Samba allow computers to share devices?  Could i have a server
> with a DVD-ROM, and watch DVDs on a client?

Anybody know for sure? I'm pretty sure NFS and appletalk will share CDs
mounted with the right permissions. 

> Also how are shared files
> stored on a Samba network, does the server store them all and they are all
> accessible to the clients, or does the machine where the file was made store
> it and it's accessible to all the clients? 

Under file sharing, a client accesses the file system on the server, or,
rather, the part of the file system the server is set up to share,
preferably not including root.

Files on any machine not serving are not accessible to other machines,
unless the operator on the client deliberately copies them to the server.
But, then, it's only the copy that is accessible.

> Also i was going to RAID
> together three SCSI harddrives in the server and also have one seperate IDE
> harddrive.  The three SCSIs will store FreeBSD and be the storage for the
> Samba server, and the IDE will run DOS.  Will the FreeBSD boot manager
> recognize DOS even though it is on another harddrive, or will i have to boot
> to it manually through the BIOS?

I think this topic has come up in the very recent past on this list. Hmm.
Not so recent, maybe, but check some of the threads here:

Joel Rees, programmer, Kansai Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

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