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Date:      Tue, 12 Sep 95 09:40:39 -0400
From: (Eric Jones)
Subject:   ATAPI (or is it IDE) blues
Message-ID:  <9509120940.AA03550@LL.MIT.EDU>

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        I'm trying to get the ATAPI CD-ROM support working with my 2.0.5R
system and have run into a problem.  I applied the problem
with that.  The problem is that at boot time, my secondary IDE controller
isn't probed.
        The configuration: Pentium 90, Triton m-board (Tyan, I think)
w/2 on-board EIDE ports.  Port one has 2 disks, 1 all DOS, 2 part DOS
part FBSD.  Port 2 has Pioneer CD-ROM (which came jumpered as IDE slave...
go figure).
        If I boot w/ -c and probe wdc1 it returns such fella.
What I'd really like to do is get a successful probe in the current
configuration, but I tried a bunch of different things in my attempt to
understand the problem.
        First I tried setting CD-ROM to master on the theory that the
port wouldn't probe without a master.  Still no probe...DOG doesn't
love my CD-ROM anymore either.
        Then I tried moving disk 2 to the second port (making it master,
of course).  Now the port is probed and the ATAPI stuff does its work,
but the kernel can't change root devices because now the disk is called
wd2 instead of wd1.  So I'm not even sure that the ATAPI code really
found the CD-ROM.
        So there you have it.  Any ideas?  I'm starting to think my best
option is to scavenge a grotty old IDE harddrive from somewhere and use
it as a placeholder master for IDE port 2.



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