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Date:      Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:16:12 +0000
From:      Andy Smith <>
To:        Frank Shute <>
Subject:   Re: PATH used by www user
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Hi Frank,

   thanks for your responce, the PATH isn't set within the perl script =20
with ENV (and the script is identical on both systems). I've already =20
asked the question on the perl mailing list and came to the conclusion =20
the difference was something at the UNIX level on FreeBSD. There are =20
various ways I can easily work around it, but it just seemed so basic =20
I wanted to know how it was being set :S

thanks, Andy.

Quoting Frank Shute <>:

> User www doesn't have a shell, profile & hence PATH.
> I don't know how your path is being set but it depends on perl & how
> your script looks.
> Look at Env(3) & the other perldocs.
> If you want to do it quick, call traceroute with the path in your
> scripts e.g:
> system "/usr/sbin/traceroute $some_host";
> There's probably a perl module with a "traceroute" in it but I'm
> afraid I don't know it offhand.

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