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Date:      Sun, 20 Nov 94 17:33:55 GMT
From: (Jean-Marc Zucconi)
Subject:   Re: TeX/LaTeX build problems
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> (message from L Jonas Olsson on Sun, 20 Nov 1994 09:56:59 -0500)

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>>>>> "Jonas" == L Jonas Olsson <> writes:

 >  I'm testing some ports on FreeBSD The compile of TeX went
 > fine after getting perl from 2.0. The LaTeX port died at:

 > *** Defining UNIX/DOS style filename parser.
 > *** Preloading the  plain format: codes, registers, compatibility
 > for TeX 2, parameters, macros, math definitions, LaTeX2e <1994/06/01>
 > counters, hacks, control, errors, par, spacing, files, font
 > encodings, (fontdef.ltx File: `fontdef.ltx' v2.1g <1994/05/16> (FMi
 > and RmS)

 > *** If you modify this file please change the lines above ***
 > (T1enc.def) (OT1enc.def) (T1cmr.fd) (OT1cmr.fd) (OMLcmm.fd)
 > (OMScmsy.fd) (OMXcmex.fd) (Ucmr.fd) (OT1cmss.fd) (OT1cmtt.fd))
 > (preload.ltx File: `preload.ltx' v2.1d <1994/01/24> (FMi and RmS)
 > English Documentation <1994/05/05> (FMi and RmS) ) env. counters,
 > page nos., x-ref, lengths, environments, math, center, verbatim,
 > boxes, title, sectioning, contents, floats, footnotes, index,
 > bibliography, output, (lthyphen.ltx ! OOPS! I can't find any
 > hyphenation patterns for US english.  Think of getting some or the
 > latex2e setup will never succeed.  \@tempa ...r the latex2e setup
 > will never succeed} \@@end l.58 ...  latex2e setup will never
 > succeed}\@@end}
 > ?  ) )

 >  This doesn't look like a 2.0/ problem, but rather some
 > missing hyphenation files. Is this due to some dependancy to other
 > port?

LaTeX obviously depends on the TeX port, but this seems not to be the
problem here, unless you are using an older TeX. I have build TeX and
LaTeX several times on FreeBSD 2.0 and without any problems.

Your problem may be that the file 'hyphen.tex' is missing. It is part
of the tex_base.tar.gz dist. file, and it is installed when you
install TeX. Can  you check this?


 > Jonas

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