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Date:      Tue, 27 Oct 2015 12:23:07 +0000
From:      Arthur Chance <>
To:        Matthew Seaman <>,
Subject:   Re: ntpd crashing after update
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On 27/10/2015 10:45, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 10/27/15 08:41, Arthur Chance wrote:
>> I updated my systems yesterday in response to FreeBSD-SA-15:25.ntp, and
>> now ntpd crashes on SEGV, but only on 2 out of 3 of the machines running
>> it. I have no idea whether it's relevant, but the one that doesn't crash
>> is the only one with source installed. Anyone else seeing this?
> Yes -- I've seen that on the one machine I've tried to update so far.
> ntpd crashes for me after freebsd-update(8).
> Anecdotal evidence is that rebooting apparently causes the updated ntpd
> to function normally.  I'd be interested in hearing if people can
> confirm that, because it means there is system state somehow carrying
> over from one invocation of ntpd to another.

I can confirm that it worked for me. I rebooted the two problem machines 
and ntpd started OK. However, the ntpds on both rebooted machines appear 
not to be talking to the other machine which initially appeared to have 
no problem - ntpq -p shows it as in .INIT. state and unreachable on the 
rebooted machines and it sees the other machines as in INIT and 
unreachable. I can't reboot the final machine until later today, but 
restarting ntpd on it without rebooting has no effect. I'll get back to 
you after I've had a chance to reboot it.

For reference

freebsd-version -ku

on all three machines, all updated with freebsd-update, and all had 
"service ntpd restart" done after the update.

> There's a thread on freebsd-security@.... -- seems there's also a
> problem with the ntpq and ntpdc utilities.

ntpq worked fine on all my machines, even before the reboots.

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