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Date:      Fri, 07 Sep 2007 01:16:51 -0700
From:      Predrag Punosevac <>
To:        "G. Yager" <>,
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 6.2 Installation Problems
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You have to select them individually that is way you are getting output 
you saw.

That is not the way "properly" install FreeBSD.

Do the installation  by selecting  just a base system with the source 

Decline port tree and any packages except cvsup-without gui

Then cvsup system and rebuild the word using the stable branch of 6.2 or 
whatever you want to run 7.0 current.

Then portsnap port tree.

Only then you should start installing packages using ports to compile 
them not binaries.

The first one to be install should be XOrg 7.2 then window manager of a 
Desktop environment of your choice and then you need
to configure everything. It will take you at least couple hours to do 
all of above and see any GUI let alone KDE or Gnome. For that it will 
take you probably two days depends on the speed of the internet and you 

If previous advices sounds too complicated or even idiotic maybe you 
should play with PC-BSD for a week or so to get some basic ideas about 
philosophy of FreeBSD before you  get the real  thing. Reading the 
Handbook would help too and is not just recommended but mandatory!

PC-BSD has a graphical installer. You answer 6 questions and within 10 
minutes you will have KDE GUI with Beryl as a default window
manager and most  common  applications  that you would expect  on  the 
Desktop.  And you  even do  not need to do any  configuration 
it is done for you.

G. Yager wrote:
> Hello:
>                 I'm trying to install release 6.2 (i386 ) of FreeBSD from
> ISO disks I've downloaded from the main site.  After installing the main
> operating system, I have a problem when trying to install PACKAGES.  When I
> select ALL PACKAGES, verify that all of the individual packages have a check
> mark, and select INSTALL, I get the following error message: "No packages
> have been selected for extraction", with 100% below this message in the
> dialog box, and then the O.K. button below.  I'm just about ready to scrap
> the whole project, because apparently I can't get all of the components
> installed to make X or KDE work correctly.  Please help!
>                                                 Thank You,
>                                                                 G. Yager
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