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Date:      08 Nov 2002 11:23:33 -0600
From:      "Ty McMichael" <>
To:        Arun Welch <>
Cc:        "'Brian T.  " Schellenberger' <>, 'Bakul Shah' <>,
Subject:   RE: using a laptop as a main machine
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Everyone I know with Dell's has had to get them serviced, even people I know who leave them
> on their desks 90% of the time. 

This doesn't bode well for me then, as I am just going on year 3 of my
Dell Laptop which has quite literally been around the world several
times, as well as a huge amount of domestic travel.  I used to dual
FreeBSD and Windoze, but have been exclusively BSD for almost a year. 
Sound, wireless, ethernet, APM, video, ports, etc all work great.  

The only "real" problem I have encountered is my docking station, which
has been a pain in the ass to configure docked/undocked in X.  Also, the
battery no longer holds a suitable charge after docking with the batter
still engaged.  I dont know if other brands of laptops and their
respective means of docking have the same issues or not, but it is worth

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