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Date:      Mon, 23 Jul 2007 01:19:26 +0200
From:      Jona Joachim <>
Subject:   Re: installer freebsd
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On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:27:06 +0200
Boudjema <> wrote:

> Bonjour,
> Please excuses,
> my english is bad, so i will explain in french my problem if this is
> not understood;
> i have a problem to install x window. my hope is to install kde. but 
> without x, i am stopped; when i do pkg_add -r xorg, the response is: 
> xorg 6.9is already installed or it's old version. when i do with   cd 
> /usr/ports/X11/xorg && make install clean: i have this reponse:
> error code 1, /usr/local/libdata/xorg/libraries not found in 
> /usr/ports/xorg-libraries.
> other big problem because i have had this response at lot off 
> attemptings: /usr/X11R6/ exists but is not a symlink. I have
> understoot in bad english that in the new versions , this
> file /usr/X11R6 must be only a symlink.
> what i must do to updtate and make all the corrections for all the
> ports? i think that there is a problem with a few of my ports, i can
> delete all the ports and install them in new ? like this i will have
> a system clean. thin you.
> what is error code 1? can i install all x window systeme? with 
> sysinstall lot of packages are not installed: errors and failed are 
> returned.
> I have read the manual in french in first.
> My version is 6.2
> Areski Boudjema  Nanterre France

It seems to me like your ports tree is not up to date.
The first thing you want to do is update it. The easiest method is
portsnap. This is explained in the handbook.
Then there are 2 possibilities:
Either you have an old version of X installed (which seems to be the
case). You will then have to update X by following the steps described
in /usr/ports/UPDATING.
Or you don't have X installed. In this case you should build it with
cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg && make install clean
Anyway it would be of great help if you could provide a more exhaustive
error log and the output of pkg_info to see what you have installed.

If some things seem unclear and you have difficulties with English I
can reply in French.

Bien le bonjour de Nancy!

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