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Date:      Mon, 19 Aug 1996 18:38:23 -0500
From:      "Daniel M. Eischen" <>
Subject:   Re: tip
Message-ID:  <>

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> I have fought, cried, attacked, searched, and divined in an attemp to 
> find the source for the program tip, which is referred to in some of the 
> documentation for FreeBSD.
> I have browsed the ftp archive and not found it; do you know where I can 
> get tip? Do you have any suggestions? Please don't say the search 
> engines, I have spent hours looking through them.
> Any help would be appreciated.


bash$ type tip
tip is /usr/bin/tip
bash$ ls /usr/src/usr.bin/tip
.               Makefile        NEWS            TODO            tip
..        README          libacu

Tip isn't a port or package, it's distributed as part of FreeBSD.  If
for some really strange reason you're not running FreeBSD, then you
can probably get it at:

Dan Eischen

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