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Date:      Tue, 2 May 95 11:39:26 MDT
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (Eloy A. Paris)
Subject:   Re: Problems with zp0 driver in 041295 SNAP?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Eloy A. Paris" at May 1, 95 11:20:41 pm

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> What's the problem? Well, the zp0 driver sees the card but then when it
> reads the card information to make sure it has what it is supposed to have
> (after the driver has written the I/O base address and the IRQ), there is
> nothing there.

[ ... ]

> I compiled the if_zp.c file with the symbol ZP_DEBUG defined but I could not
> tell what is going on since I do not have any technical infomation about the
> card nor the PCMCIA controller.
> But this is not all: the weird part is that after each time I reboot my
> computer with FreBSD the Card Information Structure (CIS) of my card gets
> corrupted.

You will probably need to determine what PCMCIA bridge chipset is
being used by your machine before anyone can tell you if it is
supported (and if not, write code to support it).

> After this corruption I can not get into the 3Com's configuration program
> (for DOS) for this card (3C589CFG.EXE) because the program aborts with the
> message "Corrupted CIS. Please replace card with a good one and try again."
> Thanks God I found in 3Com's BBS a program to clean the CIS because if not I
> would not even be able to use Ethernet under DOS (that I am doing pretty fine.)

Clearly this is a sufficiently common problem that 3COM has had to build
a fix for it; it's kind of silly that that program is not built into the
configuration program if it's that common.

Since 3COM is aware of the problem, I'm betting that some clue to the
cause could be had by contacting 3COM.  If their BBS is cheaply
accessable to you, you might try posting a question about what is
causing the corruption, and then let the author of the driver for
FreeBSD know what to do about.  At the very least, the information
about how they fix the CIS would be useful, since breaking it must
be doing something similar.

					Terry Lambert
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