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Date:      Wed, 26 May 1999 17:45:47 -0500
From:      "Scot W. Hetzel" <>
To:        "Jeff Lush" <>
Cc:        <ports@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: MySQL port problem
Message-ID:  <000c01bea7c9$802c3b00$>
References:  <000001bea72c$9cc35840$>

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From: Jeff Lush <>
> The latest version shown under 3.1-RELEASE is mysql-3.22.16g. Using
> sysinstall, is this the only version I can use?
If you use source the latest version is 3.22.22.

> > Using source is quite easy, just do the following:
> >
> > cd /usr/ports/databases/mysql322
> When I try to cd into /usr/ports there is nothing there?!?
You need to install the ports collection, this can be done by either ftping
the current ports from, or using CVsup to download and keep
the ports Collection up to date.

By Ftp:
tar -xvf ports.tar -C /usr/ports

If using CVSup, add:

*default tag=.

to your CVSup file. Then run CVSup to update your sources & ports collection

> > make install
> >
> > This will fetch the mysql source, and optionally the Perl 5
> > sources. It will
> > then compile the sources and install the files onto your system.
> I have tried this method also but get the following errors (the mysql322
> is /usr/local/mysql322):
> homer# make install
> "/usr/share/mk/", line 2: Could not find
> /usr/ports/Mk/

The problem is that /usr/share/mk/ is looking for the file
/usr/ports/Mk/ and can't find it due to you do not have the ports
collection installed on your system.


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