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Date:      18 Oct 2003 13:16:19 -0400
From:      Lowell Gilbert <>
To:, "Frederick Bowes" <>
Subject:   Re: Pentium 120 reboots after loading mfsroot floppy.
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"Frederick Bowes" <> writes:

> I was hoping to try out FreeBSD on an old machine I have been given
> (Pentium 120, 514MB HD, 8mb ram) and it reboots after loading the mfsroot
> floppy disk. You insert the disk, it goes /|\|/ for a while then reboots.
> What might cause this problem?

Depends on the FreeBSD version you're trying.

You might just be short on memory, though; a system should still be
able to run in less memory that, but it may need more to install.  I'd
expect it to get further than that point, though.

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