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Date:      Sat, 16 Jul 2005 11:24:15 -0600
From:      "Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC" <>
To:        M. L. <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 5.4 & Adaptec 2010s - raidutil / aaccli
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On Jul 16, 2005, at 10:45 AM, M. L. wrote:

> Hi,
> I've managed to install FreeBSD 5 on a RAID-10 after my weird  
> problem of random letters/numbers scrolling on the screen upon a CD  
> boot (actually installed 4.10 from CD, cvsupped to 5.4, it worked -  
> seems to be something related to the CD boot loader..).
> Wanting to have something to manage the raid with, a simple make  
> search key=adaptec showed asr-utils and aaccli. I've had no luck  
> with either one.
> I don't have the server online now (have it at home before shipping  
> it, only have one set of cables, a pain to switch them due to cable  
> locations etc)
> With raidutil (from asr-utils), a raidutil -L all says something  
> about COMPATIBITY NUMBER and then something about /dev/rdpti17.  
> I've tried to symlink /dev/asr0 to /dev/rdpti17, but the symlink is  
> gone when I run raidutil again. I googled a bit and there were  
> suggestions about /dev/rasr0 -> /dev/rdpti17, but I have no rasr0  
> device - only asr0. There was also some links about increasing SYSV  
> memory, which I did, no luck either.
> I tried aaccli after having no luck with raidutil, and a aaccli  
> open asr0 says the controller is invalid or non-existant.
> camcontrol devlist shows the RAID-10, and I'm pretty sure the RAID  
> is working - I've installed FreeBSD on it lol :-)
> All that I'm missing now is a tool to be able to manage the raid..   
> any suggestions ?

What is the device name for the disks?  What does dmesg say when it  
detects the controller?  If it says something with aac in it then you  
want the LINUX aaccli and if it says asr you want the asr utils, but  
you need to google on FreeBSD and asr as there is a kernel option you  
need for 5.4 to work with the asr utilities.

For the aac device, you need to get the Linux aaccli program (much  
more advanced) and also load the linux_aac kernel module.

I have both a 2200S (aac) working with 5.3 and a 2100S (asr) working  
with 5.4.  ALl on i386 version of FBSD


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