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Date:      Sat, 28 Feb 2004 20:14:12 -0500
From:      Garance A Drosihn <>
To:        "sameer" <>, <>
Subject:   Re: problem upgrading 5.2 to 5.2.1
Message-ID:  <p06020495bc66eb2e4bb8@[]>

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At 4:58 PM -0800 2/28/04, sameer wrote:
>I followed the directions in the handbook to clean everything out
>and try again.

Did you redo your 'make buildworld' and 'make buildkernel' after
cleaning out everything?

>this time i got the following error at the 'make installworld' step:
>===> share/info
>===> include
>creating osreldate.h from
>touch: not found
>   ...

You should have the program 'touch' sitting at: /usr/bin/touch
If you do not, you could try:

     cd /usr/src/usr.bin/touch
     make install

and then 'cd' back to /usr/src and try the 'make installworld'
again.  However, it seems odd to me that you would see that error
message in the installworld process, and that you would see it so
early.  I suspect you'll see some other errors in the installworld

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