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Date:      Tue, 14 Oct 2014 14:45:33 +0100
From:      Arthur Chance <>
To:        Polytropon <>, "William A. Mahaffey III" <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions !!!! <>
Subject:   Re: seejpeg question ....
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On 14/10/2014 14:32, Polytropon wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Oct 2014 08:00:34 -0500, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
>> [wam@kabini1, ~, 7:53:53am] 530 % seejpeg Desktop/raspberry-pi-netbsd.jpg
>> You must be the owner of the current console to use svgalib.
>> Not running in a graphics capable console,
>> and unable to find one.
>> svgalib: ark: Assuming normal VGA DAC.
>> You must be the owner of the current console to use svgalib.
>> Not running in a graphics capable console,
>> and unable to find one.
>> svgalib: can't open /dev/console
>> [wam@kabini1, ~, 7:54:06am] 531 % uname -a
>> FreeBSD kabini1.local 9.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE #0 r268512: Thu
>> Jul 10 23:44:39 UTC 2014
>>  amd64
>> [wam@kabini1, ~, 7:58:32am] 532 %
>> Obviously a nogo. It wasn't installed as an option under XFCE to view
>> that file when I double-clicked on it ... What do I need to do to get
>> this program to work for me, either under XFCE or from CLI (tcsh under
>> rxvt from XFCE) ?
> Several things:
> First, this program is using svgalib, which means it allows
> graphics display without X, or to say it in a different way:
> This is an image viewer for the console. But svgalib isn't
> fully supported on FreeBSD. This program is _not_ an X program.
> It won't work the way you assume.
> Second: If you use XFCE (all capitals), one might get the
> impression that you're refering to the CDE-lookalike XFCE 3.
> The new Xfce desktop (version 4) uses a capital X, and then
> just fce in lowercase. :-)
> If you're searching for a simple image viewer, try xzgv. You
> can use it as a standalone program or call it from a desktop
> association (i. e., for supported image file formats). You
> could also try xv (very popular) and "display" (part of the
> ImageMagic port). But with Xfce, you already probably have
> half of Gnome installed, so you could also check out eog. ;-)

Or you could use the Xfce image viewer ristretto. It works well enough 
for my uses. The Xfce goodies web site describes it as "a fast and 
lightweight picture-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment".

> Personally, I like xzgv, and I have it associated with image
> types to "start" them from within the Midnight Commander (just
> press ENTER on an image, and it will be displayed, scaled to
> the window size properly).
> Example: interactively browse a directory in fullscreen:
> 	% xzgv -tzf ~/cam/2014-10-01/
> Only show one image:
> 	% xzgv -z /tmp/someimage.jpg
> Browse specified images:
> 	% xzgv -tz /scratch/test/bla*jpg my_*_nose.png bla.gif
> This viewer has nice keyboard and mouse support, its older
> versions (last usable version: 0.8_9) can also dynamically
> adjust brightness, contrast and other image properties. It
> can rotate and zoom. It also supports thumbnails. See if you
> like it. Just a suggestion.

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