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Date:      Mon, 21 Oct 96 15:12:00 PDT
From:      Robert Clark <ROBERTC@PII.COM>
To:        "'freebsd-questions'" <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Advice Needed on SCSI Configuration.
Message-ID:  <326BF5AE@smtp>

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     I need advice on how to configure SCSI hardware to run Win95 & FreeBSD 

     System is a P5-150, with an adaptec 2940 scsi controller.

     Hard disks are

     Seagate (SCSI-2) 1GB at SCSI ID 0, with Win95.
     Seagate (SCSI-2) 2.1GB at SCSI ID 1, DOS/Win95.
     Seagate (SCSI-2) 2.1GB at SCSI ID 2, FreeBSD.
     Connor (SCSI-1) 100MB at SCSI 3, DOS (OLD).

     CDROM is

     Hitachi 4x primary on first IDE channel, then on slave on first IDE 
channel. (Not seen by BIOS.)


     Running view, and then inst_ide from the FreeBSD 2.1.0 disk, doesn't 
find my IDE CDROM drive. The kernel probe sequence does find it, but the 
install program doesn't.  Is the Hitachi 4x supported? If so, where should 
it be on the IDE bus? (IDE-1, IDE-2, Primary, Slave?) (I have no IDE hard 
disk, only CDROM.)

     The adaptec 2940 only allows one choice for sector translation.  In 
order to use the 2.1GB SCSI disk at ID 1 with DOS / WIN95, I need to turn 
sector translation on.  I read something about being able to put a real 
geometry in instead of a translated geometry, during FreeBSD's fdisk, etc.  
What will work?  How do I determine the real geometry, without installing 
DOS, and then reading the geometry off.

     The 2940, allows drives to be not seen by the BIOS. Does FreeBSD care 
about the BIOS?  The probe finds drives whether they are seen by BIOS or 

     I've thought about putting the FreeBSD drives in ahead of the WIN95 
drives.  I use the front face SCSI select jumpers, so it wouldn't be hard to 
do.  For a DOS disk to be visable to Win95, it has to come after the boot 
disk.  FreeBSD probably doesn't care.

     Does booting FreeBSD from a drive with a SCSI ID larger than zero, 
require a kernel rebuild?  I seem to remember an entry in the last kernel I 
rebuilt, spelling out the boot drive's ID.

     Please feel free to send advice directly to

                                   Thanks, [RC]

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