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Date:      Tue, 4 Nov 2008 11:18:36 -0500
From:      "Kevin" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   RE: DL360 G3 w/ AMD64 Cant boot from CD
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> > I tried 7.1-BETA2 , but unfortunately the same problem happened. I
> tried
> > (for the sake of argument) Debian debian-40r5-amd64 , and it wouldn't
> boot
> > either -- it said "Your CPU does not support long mode, please use a
> 32bit
> > distribution".
> This means your processor does not support 64-bit mode.
> > How would I support over 4GB of ram with only i386 distributions?
> There is only one option: use PAE mode, which has drawbacks.  You can
> read about what PAE is on Wikipedia.
> Note that not all drivers are PAE mode compatible on FreeBSD.  You
> should be able to install i386 FreeBSD with success, then rebuild your
> kernel with PAE enabled.  Look at /sys/i386/conf/PAE for an example
> configuration -- you'll see all of the drivers you have to disable for
> PAE to work successfully.  If your system uses any of these drivers,
> mode will not work for you, in which case you should upgrade your
> hardware.
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Is my issue related to non-supporting of 64bit mode (2x Dual Xeons in the
DL360 G3) , or perhaps due to a boot loader bug?

I found this PR :

91492 freebsd- amd64    feedback  serious   medium   current-us [boot] BTX

In any case , the latest 6.4/7.1 Snapshot produced the same BTX Halt error.
I'll just use i386 w/ PAE for now I suppose. I haven't tested AMD64 with
DL360 G4's or DL360 G5's , but I'd appreciate if anyone has tested those
generations w/ FreeBSD AMD64 , to let me know if the problem persists in
some form.

Thank you.

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