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Date:      Mon, 4 Nov 1996 14:38:42 -0700 (MST)
From:      Softweyr LLC <>
Subject:   XFree86 3.2 Success story!
Message-ID:  <>

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A compatriot here at work recently bought a new Pentium system to run
FreeBSD on.  He's punted out of our workplace in Salt Lake City and
moved his family to southern Florida, but will continue working for us
via the internet.  We develop embedded software for M68K systems
running VxWorks, and have ported our GNU-based development environment
from HP-UX to FreeBSD previously to use on laptop computers.

Anyhow, he originally bought a Mach64 VGA with his new computer, but we
(of course) had difficulty configuring it with the 2.1.5-R CD-ROM.  He
asked if he should consider getting another card, and I suggested
anything with an S3 chip; I've always found XFree86 and FreeBSD easy to
configure on my S3/805 board.  Imagine my surprise when he returned
with a Matrox card with a ViRGE+ chip on it!  ($153 for 2Mb/PCI, at
Software & More in SLC).

I quickly surfed to, and then to  We
grabbed the 3.2 installation kit for FreeBSD 2.1.5, dumped it on his
system, ran XF86Setup, and he was up and running in 10 minutes (less
FTP time).  His system now handily beats our HP 9000/712 model 100s on
graphics speed, and is close on compiling speed.  (This is only a
100-mhz Pentium).  We have CVS setup so he can access the source store
here from his home in FL, or anywhere else for that matter.

Great going, FreeBSD and XFree86!  I'm leaving for another company in
two weeks, currently doing VxWorks development on Windows NT.  It
shouldn't take long to convert them, once they discover they don't have
to buy new hardware and the software is FREE.

	Wes Peters

P.S.  I don't follow any of the XF86 mail lists.  If anyone knows of an
appropriate mail list to forward this to, please do so.

          "Where am I, and what am I doing in this handbasket?"

Wes Peters                                                       Softweyr LLC             

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