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Date:      Wed, 15 Mar 1995 06:31:13 -0600
From: (Allan Bailey)
Subject:   problem with freebsd 2.0 CD, and how to install from floppies?
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I have a Sony 31a cdrom, so I need to install from floppies.  How
do I create the necessary floppies from teh bindist and srcdist files?
if at all possible.  I can't find anything in the FAQs or Doc files
about this.  But maybe I'm just missing something.  Any pointers would
be much appreciated.

Problem:  the boot floppy fails during installation.
Everytime it tries to create the harddisk boot partition from the boot
floppy it fails.  I.e., when I boot from the hard disk it can't find
'init',  and then of course reboots.  During the install of the 
installation boot partition it gives an error, which I can't
completely see, about a hard error on the floppy.  I've switched floppies,
and despite using different disks (i.e., it's not a hard error on the
floppies it seems), it still gives the same error.  Clues?

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