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Date:      Wed, 6 May 2015 08:38:26 -0700
From:      Marc Fournier <>
Subject:   Re: BSDstats-6.0 has been released 
Message-ID:  <>

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Bug reported by dweimer -and- Rolf Nielsen fixed =E2=80=A6 was on rpt =
server side =E2=80=A6 one of the things Yuri fixed in the script was the =
ordering of =E2=80=98key/token=E2=80=99 pairs =E2=80=A6 old version had =
them backwards =E2=80=A6 server was modified to detect automatically new =
vs old scripts based on lengths, and I had an =E2=80=9Coff by one=E2=80=9D=
 error on the checks =E2=80=A6

Fixed and confirmed:

# bsdstats-send
Posting OS statistics to ... SUCCESS
Posting device statistics to ... SUCCESS
Posting CPU information to ... SUCCESS
Posting port statistics to ... SUCCESS

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