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Date:      Sat, 16 Dec 2006 16:04:55 -1000
From:      Antony Mawer <>
To:        FK <>
Subject:   Re: How can I fix "Cannot find file system superblock" problem?
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On 16/12/2006 6:25 AM, FK wrote:
> But ... I will lose one-month-long-worthing data,
> which is horrible since I have modified a lot of data for the time.....
> Do I have any practical ways to back up the data without mounting it,
> given that I could not fix the superblock?

Have you tried a Linux Live CD, to see whether or not it can read the 
disk? I had a drive that FreeBSD choked on trying to mount, yet a Linux 
Live CD was able to boot and read from the UFS filesystem fine 
(presumably it only implements the bare essentials to be able to read 
the UFS filesystem, and perhaps omitted some of the other sanity checks..

It sounds like it would be at least worth while trying...


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