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Date:      Wed, 19 Apr 1995 18:44:53 -0400
From:      Graham Gill <>
Subject:   AHA-2940 and 3C509B
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm using the 2.0-950412 snapshot on an Asus PVI-486SP3 PCI with AMD 486-80,
Adaptec 2940 with 1 SCSI disk and 1 CDROM drive attached, and a 3C509B ethernet

The AHA-2940 uses INT A and IRQ 11; I've tried the 3C509B with I/O port
0x300-0x30f and IRQ 10, and with I/O port 0x200-0x20f and IRQ 5 with equal
results (IRQs 5 and 10 are both free otherwise).

If the 3C509B isn't found, such as when using 0x200 and IRQ 5 without also
telling the kernel of the new parameters for ep0 with /kernel -c, the boot
proceeds normally, and I get the installation screen where I am asked what
parts of FreeBSD I want to install (bin + optional other), and where I want to
install them from (NFS, FTP, CDROM, etc.).  I'd like to install by NFS-mounting
one of our Sun drives, but can't since the ethernet card wasn't found.

If the 3C509B is found, such as when using the parameters 0x300 and IRQ 10
expected by the kernel, or using the kernel config to set parameters for
ep0 to whatever else I've configured the card to be (e.g. 0x200 and IRQ 5),
the boot hangs after completing probes of the ISA and PCI buses normally,
and announcing that it is

	changing root device to sd0a

which is the last message before the hang.

Is there some known conflict between AHA-2940 and 3C509B cards?

I'm going to try replacing the 3C509B with a 3C505 to see how far I get.

thanks for any help,

Wed Apr 19 18:40:28 EDT 1995
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