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Date:      Tue, 01 Oct 1996 02:51:30 -0400
From:      Advanced Digital Research <>
Subject:   Installation Question
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm having trouble starting an X server and building a customized kernel
after performing an installation using the Walnut Creek FreeBSD 2.1
CDROM distribution media.  My system configuration and installation
steps are included at the end of this mail.  Thanks in advance for any
help you can lend.


1.)  Executing 'startx' causes the system to panic.  The monitor goes
blank for approximately 15 seconds and then the system reboots.  Upon
startup, fsck is required to repair disk inconsistencies caused by the

2.)  I can not run a custom kernel specific to my system.  I created a
config file following the directions given in the "Installing and
running FreeBSD" book that came with the CDROM from Walnut Creek.  The
'config' command executes without errors and the kernel compiles without
errors.  When I boot the kernel however, the system hangs after reading
in the text and data information.

3.)  After failing at #2 above a number of times trying different
config file entries, I took a different approach and copied the GENERIC
config file to MYKERNEL and added only the XSERVER option and the psm0
option.  After building this kernel, the system was able to boot, but
startx still paniced the system as described under #1 above.

4.)  During bootup of the generic kernel I noticed that the system is
apparently not able to find the psm0 device and gives the "not found"
message for psm0 at this point in the boot sequence.

System Configuration

	MB	Asus P55T2P4 w/PS2 Mouse Adapter
	CPU	Cyrix P166+
	Mem	24meg 60ns
	Video	Diamond Stealth 2001, 2meg DRAM, S3chip-based
	SCSI	Asus PCI SC-200 (53c810 chip-based)
	HDD	2gig SCSI (ID 0), 1gig SCSI (ID 1)
	FDD	Mitsumi 1.44mb
	MSE	PS/2 Logitech 3-button mouse
	KBD	Mitsumi 104key Keyboard
	MON	17" CTX 1785GMd .26 Color Monitor

Installation Technique
	Selected Novice Option
		Dedicated entire sd1 disk (A option)
		Assigned sd1 as boot disk (S option)
		Selected default partitions (A option)
		Selected STANDARD boot option (no multi-OS)
		Installed Everything (everything option)
		Performed X11R6 configuration phase
		Did NOT install any other packages

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