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Date:      Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:18:09 -0800
From:      "Thomas Foster" <>
To:        "CARRIE WUERFEL" <>, <>
Subject:   Re: Question about install. (two hard drives, install freebsd on second)
Message-ID:  <004101c52ac1$7a5a9a60$4300a8c0@home.lan>
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You can install FreeBSD indepedently on its own drive while another OS 
coexists on a previous drive in your system.  You would most likely want to 
use an alternate bootloader installed on the mater boot record of the first 
drive.. such as GAG or Grub.. but the FreeBSD bootloader works just as 

If you decide later to remove the second drive with the FreeBSD installaion 
on it, you can simply replace the original Microsoft bootloader by running 
an fdisk on the master boot record

Also, a 2 gig drive is going to be very limiting in what you can install and 
run on your system.. but.. good luck to you and happy BSD'ing


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Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 10:14 PM
Subject: Question about install. (two hard drives, install freebsd on 

I am currently stuck running Windows Me on a Dell Desktop Pentium 3 1ghrtz 
with 512mb ram.  I recently dusted off a old hard drive that contains a 
whole 2 gigs of hard drive space.  I have installed the hard disk drive and 
am wanting to install "FreeBsd" on it.  Before I go about mucking things up, 
I just wanted to make sure that when I go to install FreeBsd it will not 
mess up the existing hard drive.  I have business and payroll progs on it. 
I am also wondering if when installing there is an actual question asked by 
the installation prog for destination.  Sorry to be asking a stupid 
question, and I swear I read through your installation info until my eyes 
dried out and couldn't find the answers, so that is why I am bothering you. 
I did try to find the answer first.  Anyways any help would be cool as I 
would really like to start relearning another operating system.

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