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Date:      Wed, 14 Dec 2016 14:07:16 -0500
From:      Mike Tancsa <>
To:        Julien Cigar <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   Re: Installing FreeBSD on size limited ZFS partition
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On 12/14/2016 10:56 AM, Julien Cigar wrote:
> Whats the better way depends of your needs, if you can afford to lose
> "some" data use ZFS replication with something like zrep, otherwise I
> would you with ZFS + iSCSI (which is what I use in production here), but
> be very careful with "automatic failover".  
> If it can help this is what I use for my failover script: 
> (it relies extensively on CARP, so be sure to choose good NICs)

	I was playing around with zrep, but out of the box its a little limited
in that it gets confused if a new zfs volume gets created. If that
happens, you have to start from scratch. Also need to hack it to work
via netcat instead of ssh (boxes are 10G xover cable).  I like the idea
of zfs syncs, but was hoping to avoid rolling my own version of zrep.

Thanks for the threads, they for sure list some of the caveats of HAST
and why I am not a big fan of it either.  I too am leary of automatic
failovers in this case.


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