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Date:      Wed, 8 Feb 1995 13:23:37 -0600 (CST)
From: (Boyd Faulkner)
To: (Matt Richards)
Subject:   Re: Firewall help
Message-ID:  <9502081923.AA08628@olympus>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Matt Richards" at Feb 7, 95 09:49:08 pm

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> I have been assigned the task of setting up a firewall after a hacker invaded
> our Suns.  I was excited to see that FreeBSD could be setup as a firewall.
> I compiled the IPFIREWALL configuration after changing it to match the
> NE2000 NIC's and removing options that are not needed (extra SCSI cards, NIC's,
> etc.).  The firewall works great on the FreeBSD machine, but I can't get the
> two network cards working together.  I can get one NIC ifconfiged and working
> but when I ifconfig the second it seems to work but I think there is something
> I'm not doing because the packets are not transfering from one card thru to
> the other.  I have policy set to accept and no chain entries.  I also get
> a strange error when I type 'ipfw l', it gives me an error with kvm_nlist.
> The gateway option is compiled in the kernel.  Routed is running (I tried the
> -q (default) and then the -s option).  I couldn't find any documentation on
> setting up FreeBSD as a firewall or router.  Any information on how to set
> up a machine as a firewall would be greatly appreciated. 
> Please help...
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt.
I haven't configured a firewall but I can tell you that you need to put the
options         GATEWAY                 #internetwork gateway
line in your kernel config.  This will allow packets to forward from one
card to the other.  The rest I can't help you with.

Good Luck,


 Boyd Faulkner                         

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