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Date:      Sat, 6 Feb 2021 22:33:55 -0800
From:      Patrick Mahan <>
To:        Paul Procacci <>
Cc:        User Questions <>
Subject:   Re: Suggested upgrade for a GeForce GT 450
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On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 10:05 PM Paul Procacci <> wrote:

> If you do anything other than using your machine as a simple "Desktop" I'd
> personally recommend against using NVIDIA.
> You didn't mention anything of the sort so I'm speculating a bit.
I've been a Nvidia user for a long time.  I haven't had a need to look for
other cards.

> I had to buy an AMD based card instead of NVIDIA to offload the mp4
> compressions requirements from the 6 camera streams I have going.
> Another thing to keep in mind is CUDA isn't available on FreeBSD.
No, I don't need to decompress video nor do I need CUDA.  My heaviest usage
will be  working with Blender and needing to render various items.

So far the Nvidia GeForce line has been my goto.  I just now need to
replace the existing card and it must be able to drive two DisplayPort

Thanks for the clarification.


> If these two things above don't concern you, then you can ignore me
> entirely.  These are just two things that came to mind immediately.
> I've had no problems using any nvidia card I've thrown at a desktop
> machine otherwise.
> ~Paul
> On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 12:48 AM Patrick Mahan <> wrote:
>> This might be better suited for freebsd-hardware, but I thought I would
>> start here.
>> I have an older system I built myself that has a GeForce GT 450.  This
>> graphics card has served me well and through multiple FreeBSD upgrades.  I
>> had it connected to my two displays using DVI-to-HDMI cables and
>> everything
>> works great.  But I am now transitioning to being a full-time telecommuter
>> for work.  My work supplied system has a docking box that connects using
>> DisplayPort.  My displays supported each, however, I have limited desktop
>> real estate, so I was sent a modern KVM switch that, unfortunately, only
>> supports DisplayPort.  However the GT 450 does not support DisplayPort, so
>> I am unable to currently use my FreeBSD system via graphics.  However, I
>> liked to use it via X11 because I make heavy use of Dia and other graphic
>> tools to document my work.
>> So before I jump into the wilds of the Nvidia forums and other groups, I
>> thought I would ask here.  I would like to hear any recommendations for
>> the
>> new Nvidia graphics from this list as I tend to find most of the
>> recommendations useful.
>> Thanks for listening,
>> Patrick
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