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Date:      Mon, 29 Oct 2012 16:28:11 -0400
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: Famp Server
Message-ID:  <k6mos3$36g$>
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Hamisi Jabe wrote:

> Dear All,
> I freel freebsd is very good in networking server but it make work hard
> for compiling the Famp package (Freebsd, apache, mysql, php) i would like
> to ask the developers to compile a package that its a one select and
> install which will do everything for the famp server rather than
> downloading selecting extensions, installing this and that exectra.

This, to me personally (at any rate), at first glance seems to be like a 
click "OK" in a dialog box approach to system administration. While I am not 
particularly against the idea of a meta port for producing a "FAMP" install 
I would never once consider using such a thing. I do recognize that it might 
be a hand-holding crutch to get a new user started, but what I would like to 
suggest is that the true power of FreeBSD might be better approached by 
learning how to be a competent system admin in FreeBSD instead of bringing 
over preconceived methodologies from other operating systems. I just do not 
think I may be able to properly and completely put into the best words my 
feelings on this subject, but I may try anyway.

Perhaps by way of example I can illustrate: I run Apache as FastCGI with the 
event-mpm, mysql, memcached, and PHP in the FPM configuration. It is a 
highly customized and tuned environment which is easily obtained utilizing 
the inherent configurability of the FreeBSD ports system. 

At times in the past I have considered changing this to a Linux platform. 
Each and every time the first show-stopper was always the fact that there 
are no Linux 'distro' providers which create user packages that provide my 
(as a system administrator) chosen operating environment. 

I fully realize that I could learn and master whichever package building 
environment a particular distro was using, be it .deb or .rpm, and build and 
package what I wanted. This would enable me to recreate my chosen operating 
environment in Linux at the cost of many man-hours of effort. It is system 
administration at its most basic and fundamental; it is the work of the 
system administrator that makes this happen.

Each and every time I decline to do this simply because there are already 
not enough hours in my day to do everything. It is much, much less work to 
continue supporting this configuration with the FreeBSD ports system. The 
ports system has tools that enhance the long term maintenance of this 
system, which frees up my time for managing other, more pressing issues.

What I would like to suggest to the OP is this: what you consider "make work 
hard for compiling the Famp package" (quoted from above), I consider many 
times more powerful having a system which allows the system administrator to 
make the decisions regarding how he will operate his server(s) in his own 
environment. This traditionally has been a philosophy central to FreeBSD. 

When such a meta port comes into play, there are defaults chosen which begin 
to reflect the same kind of restrictions as I outlined before in my reasons 
for not migrating my chosen environment to Linux. I suggest, instead of 
leaning on the meta port approach, that the true power of FreeBSD would be 
more fully realized by learning to be a proper system admin. You will also 
discover as part of this process it is easier in the long term to maintain. 
I've been sysadmin'ing FreeBSD for 12 years now, and this learning curve 
didn't happen overnight, but takes time and effort to achieve. And each time 
I consider switching to Linux I always end up staying on FreeBSD because as 
a sysadmin I feel FreeBSD to be the superior environment for my needs.       


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