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Date:      Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:32:16 -0800 (PST)
From:      Doug White <>
Subject:   Re: Can't run X86 Windows
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On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Nicholas G. Jourin wrote:

> I'm getting the message, "Fatal Server Error: Cannot open mouse
> (device not configured)".  I have a PS2 mouse that worked just fine
> before.  I understand what's involved in getting it to work...
> I know how to include psm0 in the kernel (and exclude the other
> choice).  I know how to MAKEDEV psm0 in /dev.  I know how to
> select that mouse during the install (and I did all these things).
> I know how to run /stand/sysinstall and configure X86... I chose
> /dev/psm0, I chose "use META characters" (so i could emulate a
> 3 button mouse).  Again I had this all working before.

What does your "Pointer" section in /etc/XF86Config read?

> I had FreeBSD running just fine on a tiny little IDE drive, but
> ever since I installed a fast/wide, new, improved, huge SCSI disk, 
> and 4X SCSI CD-ROM, I've been having lots of problems.  I managed to
> resolve all of them, *except* that I can no longer run X86Windows
> (forgive me I don't remember what you call it).  Before the SCSI
> stuff I had it running, and I configured both twm and fvwm to work.
> I set things in the BIOS both on and off.  I tried NumLock both
> ways (after reading the FAQ).  I turned off IDE in the BIOS.

This is odd.

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