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Date:      Thu, 4 Sep 2003 11:47:39 -0400
From:      Tom Rhodes <>
Subject:   Re: Tidy options
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On Thu, 4 Sep 2003 01:00:37 +0200
"Simon L. Nielsen" <> wrote:

> Hello
> In the DocBook documentation with HTML output when using a package
> reference preceded by a character (with no space in between) there are
> often inserted spaces which looks odd.  E.g from
> 	... codec with MPEG3 audio encoding (  audio/lame is required):
> The HTML that gives this problem is:
>             the MPEG4 codec with MPEG3 audio encoding (<a
>             href="">;
>             <tt class="FILENAME">audio/lame</tt></a> is
> The problem is that Tidy is a bit too agressive when trying to make the
> HTML look nice, so it inserts newline where it really shouldn't, since
> it tries to keep the lines at max 68 characters (the Tidy default
> default).

I'm going to go along with Ceri for a few minutes.  IMHO, if the link
works then we should just let it go without applying a 'band-aid'.

Tom Rhodes

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