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Date:      Sun, 11 Aug 2002 14:29:24 -0700
From:      Darren Pilgrim <>
Cc:        'Brad Knowles' <>,
Subject:   Re: why?
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <000001c2416c$3c672020$0a01a8c0@COMPGEEK>

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Jon Noack wrote:
> thanks for the info -- yeah, although i realize now that i was being
> ambiguous, i meant why does the smtp server take so long to send
> messages from the one account (and sometimes doesn't seem to send them
> at all -- no longer in the queue but never arrive at destination) while
> the other goes immediately.  the delay is definitely at the smtp server,
> but i haven't quite figured out why it takes 6+ minutes to process a
> message that is queued while i sent other messages that were immediately
> processed as soon as they hit the queue.

DNS issues?  A bug in the access lists and/or the lookup routines?
Some stray bogon caused a bitfart in a router along the way,
corrupting a packet, hanging the connection, which was then was
zombied for the typical TCP timeout of around 60 seconds before the
server grasped the concept, shotgunned the zombie, and requeued the
email with a five minute delay?  Or did you say this is a regular

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