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Date:      Wed, 3 Jan 1996 10:05:35 +0300
From: (Seppo Kallio)
Subject:   Re: RAID
Message-ID:  <v01530509ad0fd07f2728@[]>

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At 13:40 2.1.96, wrote:
>is there any RAID 5 or 7 system available for FreeBSD

I think there are several RAID 5 systems available for FreeBSD and for any
system using SCSI disks.

Some people here in Finland use Mylex (sp?) RAID5 + Linux NFS server. It is
connected using Fast Wide SCSI. So if you can use AHA 2940W or 3940W you
can use it (?). I think FreeBSD is supporting 2940W and 3940W (is it? I am
using 2940).

The only problem I can see is the huge partition it defines if you use 4G
disks you will have 4*4G (5*4G?) partition. There has been some problems
even in 4G partitions in FreeBSD (with dump at least).

I am very interested in RAID + FreeBSD + NFS systems. Please write if you
have some info about them.


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