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Date:      Sat, 13 Feb 2010 12:27:13 +0000
Subject:   Re: Issue 13 in bsd-sharp: Portshaker needs to ignore .git and .svn directories under /usr/ports
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Comment #1 on issue 13 by romain.tartiere: Portshaker needs to ignore .git  
and .svn directories under /usr/ports

Well, the idea behind portshaker is to have each project in it's own place  
provide an easy way to assemble all for using it as a ports tree.  So the  
first step
when asking portshaker to merge ports is duplicating the FreeBSD ports  
(using rsync or zfs clone if it can).

In oher words, the target is RESET.

In your case, you have to either find another way to track BSD# ports in  
all-in-one git repository (portshaker is not intended for that), or choose  
to have a
all-in-one-without-mono git repository and merge it with BSD# ports using  
(I think it's odd however).

In other word, /var/cache/portshaker/ports is your git repository (or a  
clone of it,
or whatever... I am not a git user so will not provide advice), you hack  
there, you
don't use portshaker -u / -U (or you add a custom update methode) and you  
merge your
git repository and BSD# ports instead of FreeBSD and BSD# ports.

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