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Date:      Wed, 15 Oct 2008 17:49:46 +0100
From:      "Thomas Sparrevohn" <>
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Subject:   RE: Out of bounce buffers 
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I will be answering this one myself

Further debugging seems fortunately to vindicate the ATA drivers - I tried
to disable most other drivers - USB, if etc. And the problem goes away=20

I now need to tie down where the problem occurs - but what seems to happen
is that a DMA read sanity check fails due to the segment has been
overwritten/changed/freed while the ATA driver was holding the same tag=20

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I have had a weird issue since the change in April where the SATA Port
multipliers was introduced. The system started issuing "DATA load FAILURE"
in the ata-dmaload every time that disk subsystem got loaded. Because the
code prior from 10/04-2008 worked fine and Ignored the problem and simply
used the code prior to the SATA Port multiplier was introduced. The reason
was twofold - One I did not time to investigate and two I suspected it coul=
be a hw error - using cheap SATA disks.

Well finally I have had time to investigate and the problem occurs because
the system "runs out of bounce buffers"=20

I have tested the entire disk for errors using a Hitachi tools and there
seems to no problems - down to the degree that I can get the system to work
with the current ATA subsystem as long as I only use one disk ;-) Regardles=
of which of the 4 disks -=20

however if I add a second disk to the subsystem it will eventually (after
17-40GB of restores) give me a "DATA load failures" - Naturally I suspected
the disk drives - however as I said - I can fully restore without the error
occurring as long as I only use one disk

Puzzled by this I started plastering the code with printf's to see what
happened - patch included just FYI - It turns out that the kernel runs out
of bounce buffers - which is very surprising - Can anybody give any advice
on this?

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