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Date:      Fri, 21 Apr 1995 12:42:43 +0100
From: (Jose Marques)
Subject:   Connections being refused after high TCP activity
Message-ID:  <v01510100abbd479b1141@[]>

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I am running the NCSA httpd server on FreeBSD and handling about
16,000 connections a day.  Last night I noticed that the server had started
to refuse connections.  On logging on I noticed that only one httpd process
was running and that the system was virtually idle.  I killed and restarted
httpd but this did not resolve the problem.  I then did a "netstat" command
and noticed that there were a lot of tcp connections most of which were in
some sort of terminating state.  I eventually cleared the problem by rebooting
the machine.

It occurs to me that my problem may be due to some buffer or array becoming
full with all these closing connections.  I had a quick grep in the netinet
sources but did not spot anything obvious.  Is there such a limit which I
can increase?  If not could anybody advise me how I can get around my

Jose Marques <>

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