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Date:      Thu, 4 May 1995 11:29:54 -0500
From:      "Kendall Schmidt" <>
Subject:   SNAP-950412
Message-ID:  <9505041129.ZM2112@hottub>

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I am trying to get SNAP-950412 up on a Gateway 4DX2V66 system. System
configurations is:

	340MB Western Digital Caviar HD (disk 1)
	730MB Western Digital Caviar HD (disk 2)
	DOS 6.22
	WFW 3.11

I have the following DOS partitions (slices) defined:

	C: 340MB (entire disk1)
	D: 348MB (half of disk 2)

I have partitioned the remaining half of disk 2 for FreeBSD as follows:

	a	20MB	4.2BSD	/
	b	28MB	swap
	c	348MB	unused	<Entire FreeBSD slice>
	d	695MB	unused	<Entire Disk>
	e	200MB	4.2BSD	/usr
	f	100MB	4.2BSD	/usr2
	g		unused
	h	340MB	MSDOS	/dos

I have written the (B)oot Manager to disk 1 (as described on the TROUBLE
SHOOTING doc) so I can boot from disk2 (using wd(1,a)/kernel command).


When I boot the system, I get the following prompt:

	F1 - dos
	F5 - disk 2

If I press "F5", then get the following prompt:

	F1 - dos
	F2 - BSD
	F5 - disk 1

If I press "F2", the system hits on one of the disks (which one I don't know)
then displays the first prompt again:

	F1 - dos
	F5 - disk 2

I am stuck between these 2 prompt until I finally press F1 and go to DOS.


1) What can I do to get BSD to boot at this point?
2) How can the Boot Manager be removed non-destructively from disk 1 (my C:
   drive allocated to DOS only)? If so, how?
3) Does a "MSDOS" type partition have to be defined as the last ("h")
   By default it came up as the "e" partition when I first installed FreeBSD. I
   subsequently (D)eleted, (I)mported as partition "h".
4) Are you aware that doing a (W)rite _after_ (A)ssigning partition types will
   lock-up the installation process? (Have to ctrl-c to break out) Possible
   install bug?

Thanks in advance.

   Kendall Schmidt
   Tandem Computers, Inc.			512.432.8524
   Integrity Systems Division			512.432.8037 (FAX)
   14231 Tandem Blvd., Austin, TX  78728-6699

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